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Horizontal machining centers

The HFZ series is a universal and flexible solution for a variety of tasks. It is particularly suitable for drilling, milling, threading and also for turning. The horizontal design can be combined in a wide variety of ways to form a highly productive system. All degrees of freedom in machining with maximum rigidity of the machine construction offer quality at the highest level. 

With the different types, large and small machining tasks can be realized. The concept is well rounded with flexible clamping concepts.

Customer benefits

  • Customized modular design / modular configuration
  • Machining of complicated geometries
  • Multi-spindle configuration
  • End machining
  • Pendulum machining
  • Shortest processing times

Work pieces

Machining of:

  • Truck axles
  • Passenger car axles
  • Railway Axles
  • Crankshafts
  • Pump housings
  • Plough beams

Machine examples

Modell 3HFZ04 
3 separate milling spindles

Modell 2HFZ04
2 separate opposite milling spindles - completely movable portal

Modell 2HFZ04
End machining with 2 separate milling spindles

Modell 2HFZ04
End machining of crankshafts with 2 independent spindles

Configuration possibilities

  • Wide range of flexibly dimensionable table concepts: rotary tilt tables, rotary tables, double tilt tables, indexing tables, tables for turning, stationary concepts, linear concepts
  • Diverse spindle concepts: conventional with manual gearbox, motor spindles, VH head concepts, orthogonal head concepts, turret head concepts
  • Coordinated tool change concepts from pick-up solutions to double grippers with rotary table to chain magazine or rack system concepts with feed units
  • Modular machine design by combining components such as table concepts and number of spindles
  • Cooling: Internal and external cooling or internal and external minimum quantity lubrication Tool holding fixtures for all HSK, SK and CAPTO interfaces can be implemented Integration capability in automated production lines
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